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Over the last three years we have had encouraging results in the use of highly concentrated platelet factor injections in the treatment of tendonosis in the shoulder, around the elbow, hip, ankle and knee.

We are currently approaching completion of a pilot study of the use of platelet growth factors (highly concentrated platelet injections) in the knee joint for osteoarthritis. This study consists of 90 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee of varying severity. They have had surgically correctable lesions excluded on MRI.

A high field strength MRI magnet at 3 Tesla is used to assess and quantify cartilage lesions and a specific sequence also looks at the underlying structure of the available cartilage.

Patients have been followed-up at 12 weeks after treatment and some at 6 months. All patients show evidence of repair of their cartilage lesions and even evidence of cartilage regrowth.

This does not necessarily mean the joint is restored to its original condition. Instead, the balance has been shifted towards repair within the joint space. We suspect there will be a lasting effect for up to 2-3 years and may give sustained relief of symptoms delaying the need for joint replacement.